Mult-Year National Treasures Break

The Biggest PYT Break on Loupe Live at The National!

July 23, 2022

By Greg Beechaum

The biggest Pick Your Team break ever on Loupe is happening live from The National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City. This coming Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 9pm ET, we'll be hosting a massive 10-case multi-year National Treasures Basketball PYT Break with the help of our friends from Mojobreak, Goldin, and PSA.

Choose your team and chase Rookie Patch Autos from five separate draft classes or hunt premier inserts like Logomans, Tags, and more! With over 40 boxes and 400+ cards, it'll be hard to miss a big hit. Details to the case break (including each year's big rookies):

  • One 4-box Case of 17/18 National Treasures (Tatum, Mitchell, Fox, Adebayo Rookie Year)

  • One 4-box Case of 18/19 National Treasures (Luka, Trae, Ayton, Brunson Rookie Year)

  • One 4-box Case of 19/20 National Treasures (Ja, Zion, Barrett, Herro Rookie Year)

  • One 4-box Case of 20/21 National Treasures (Lamelo, Ant Man, Wiseman Rookie Year)

  • Six 4-box Cases of 21/22 National Treasures (Cade, Mobley, Kuminga, Green Rookie Year)

Additionally, the night is filled with even more fun with massive giveaways and bounties. For example, if you're the first to land a big hit like a 1/1 that's not a printing plate, you take home a box of 17/18 Status Hobby. Likewise, if you're playing the numbers game and hit the most cards in the break, you'll win a 40-Box case of 2020-21 Panini Mosaic NBA Cereal Boxes.

Also, if we hit any Logoman in the break, it unlocks a box of 21/22 National Treasures First Off the Line which will become a part of the group break!  

What if you land that once in lifetime Luka Doncic RPA? Now, you can turn your big pull into a big payday thanks to our "Rip to Flip" partnership with Goldin and PSA.

With this massive event, we understand there will be some major hits, which is why all cards valued at $1K or more qualify for a special quick turnaround grading with PSA at the National and immediate inclusion into Goldin's next auction.

Finally, for those who didn't have the best night, we've set up some great prizes as a little insurance. Our Skunk Protection will award high-end hobby boxes for the 10 participants who pulled the fewest cards. For instance, the spot with the fewest cards in the break gets their own box of 21/22 National Treasures. Second through fourth fewest cards get a box of 21/22 Prizm Basketball hobby.

This break is for anyone looking to make a big splash, and we're excited about everything in store for this event. If you're interested in getting in on the action, visit our dedicated page with all the details on available teams to purchase, bounties, and giveaways. We're going to make sure the National has a break to remember!

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