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Oct 4 newsletter -- Electric Repacks and Big Debuts This Week!

October 4, 2022

By Brett Makedonski

There’s a ton going on this week. Truth be told, there’s a ton going on every week. We’re going to switch up the gameplan a little bit. Make adjustments at halftime and come out swinging.

You’re used to a wall of text outlining every single event for the upcoming week. It’s a lot to process, and it’s a lot to remember. That’s why we’re going to use the normal newsletter to tell you about the absolute biggest events that we have scheduled. We’ll also send you a daily bump about the things you should check out.

The end result is a more focused Loupe. You’ll always know what to keep top of mind right before it happens. That’ll keep everyone efficient, like a well-oiled offense.

Here are the big ones we’re looking forward to this week:

  • HitSeekers Return of the Hit Packs (Tuesday at 8pm ET) — Looking for some great value while adding to your collection? Look no further than HitSeekers’ Hit Packs. No floor or ceiling to worry about. Just hits that are market value or better!

  • Triple Crown’s Black Label Treasure Packs (Thursday at 7pm ET) — There’s treasure in these packs! Triple Crown has 50 repacks with some incredible chasers. The biggest repacks will more than double your value!

  • BBQ Breaks Debut (Friday at 10pm ET) — Loupe’s newest seller is kicking things off with a bang. For BBQ Breaks’ first stream, they’re running a massive 2021 NFL divisional break that includes National Treasures, Select hobby, Panini One, and a lot more. Presale is live now!

It’s a story as old as time itself: Use Loupe, hit huge cards. How big are we talkin’?

Turf and Dirt hit the shoo-in lock for AL Rookie of the Year with this nasty J-Rod RPA /10 out of Immaculate Collection. Paradise smelled what’s cookin’ with the 1/1 Rock card out of Select WWE.

The 2020 NFL class was kind to us last week. LMS pulled a Justin Herbert tie-dye auto /25 from Select Football. Casa Breaks hit a beautiful color-matched Orange Tua rookie auto /50 from Contenders Optic Football.

Before we go, remember that Notifications On is the way to make the most out of Loupe. Flash sales, bounty events, huge breaks, new products, etc. — we’ll send you those reminders when Loupe’s biggest moments are going down. With that said, have a fantastic week.

— The Loupe Team


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