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Sept 20 Newsletter -- LIFE HACK: Make Your $$$ Go Further on Loupe

September 20, 2022

By Brett Makedonski

Looking to get more bang for your buck? How about some credit for your cards? If you’ve been living under a rock, let us introduce you to Flash Bounties. These are quick mini-events where we offer Loupe credit for pulling certain cards on the app. Last Friday it was $20 for Patrick Mahomes cards; on Sunday it was $25 for any card numbered out of 25.

Flash Bounties have caught on like wildfire, and a lot of Loupe sellers are personally contributing. We’ve seen a spike in sellers who offer their own bounties, so some savvy purchases can help you stock up on store credit. There’s opportunity everywhere you look.

Tune into our socials (InstagramTwitter), where we will always post Flash Bounties the minute they go live. We’ll also hit you with an in-app notification on iPhone and Android. Lastly, pay attention to the new stream titles because that’s where you’ll get the latest info on special promotions that each seller is running. The chase is even more fun with a little extra incentive.

Before we get into the events this week, we want to put a couple of new sellers on your radar. Pizza Pulls is debuting tonight at 6pm ET, and Ultimate Sports Breaks goes live for the first time on Wednesday at 8pm ET. Go welcome them both into the Loupe family!

  • Bikini Wax’s Bounty Night (Tuesday at 8pm ET) — We told you all about the bounties up top. Bikini Wax set aside Tuesday night just for chasing certain bounties. Go load up your Loupe wallet.

  • Triple Crown PYT Chrome Break (Tuesday at 8pm ET) — Triple Crown is ripping through a case of Jumbo Topps Chrome Hobby. Pick Your Team format, and there are giveaways at the end of the show!

  • PapaJay’s Mystery Packs (Tuesday at 9:30pm ET) — PapaJay hid some gum in his mystery packs. Find a stick and win a free blaster!

  • PapaJay’s Select Football Pack Wars (Wednesday at 1:30pm ET) — Pack wars are back! Everyone keeps their cards, but the winner gets an autographed jersey!

  • Casa’s Wednesday Night Football Mixer (Wednesday at 8pm ET) — Casa has a HUGE multi-year football mixer ranging from 2017 through 2021. Chase Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert, and more — all in the same break!

  • Courtside Pulls PYT Chrome Break (Wednesday at 8:45pm ET) — Chrome is hot right now! Courtside Pulls is running a PYT break of Jumbo Topps Chrome Hobby as we search through one of the biggest rookie classes in recent memory.

  • PapaJay’s Baseball Divisional Break (Thursday at 4:30pm ET) — Six hobby boxes, 6 divisions. Spots are going, going…

  • Leaf on Loupe (Thursday at 5pm ET) — It’s Thursday, so you know what that means? Leaf is back with another electric direct-to-collectors livestream!

  • Broward Breakers’ TNF Bounties (Thursday at 6pm ET) — Settle in for some Thursday Night Football with the Broward gang. They’ve got bounties out on some big rookie hits.

  • Bikini Wax’s Art of Mystery Repacks (Thursday at 7:15pm ET) — Let’s get weird. Bikini Wax has another round of his Art of Mystery repacks. Your guess is as good as ours…

  • Broward’s Flash Football Friday (Friday at 6pm ET) — Broward Breakers are celebrating the release of Leaf Flash Football with a storewide sale on all Leaf Football products!

  • Deez Cards Singles and Slabs (Friday at 10pm ET) — Deez Cards are back with another singles and slabs sale with a portion of the proceeds going to the Epilepsy Foundation. Cards for a cause!

  • Retail Mania with Broward (Saturday and Sunday at 4pm ET) — Want deals on a bunch of retail products? Broward’s stream is the place to go this weekend!

We heard you like gold. Well, then Gold Standard is the product for you! Each box of Gold Standard Football features 7 cards, with 5 autos or memorabilia cards guaranteed. It’s one of the first higher-end looks at the new rookies in their pro uniforms. Also, Gold Standard has plenty of gold-themed inserts like Gold Plated, Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Signatures, and 24K Autos that really bring the opulence to life! Our sellers will be stocked up when Gold Standard releases on Wednesday.

Panini has a second big release this week in Chronicles Basketball. As always, Chronicles is a greatest hits collection that mixes and matches Panini’s most popular designs all in one set. Expect to hit a ton of big rookies and all sorts of cool inserts. Each box has two autos as everyone chases names like Scottie Barnes and Cade Cunningham. Every Chronicles rip is a fun time, so get in on the action when it drops on Wednesday.

What did we get into last week? Monsters, bangers, and absolute beauts. You know, same as usual.

Let’s start with a pair of big football RPAs. Gibson Football Group pulled a sick tie-dye Jalen Hurts RPA /25 out of 2020 Select. Then, Casa hit a gorgeous Trevor Lawrence Prime Selections Gold RPA /10 from 2021 Select. As always, Select Football treated us well.

The Monster Card Shop hit a 1/1 in this amazing Julio Rodriguez 4-color RPA out of Museum Collection. Game Time Cardz took everyone’s breath away with this Steph Curry 14k gold bar auto /3 from Eminence. Absolutely crazy stuff!

We’re in the midst of one of the best parts of the sports calendar. NFL, college football, and MLB postseason races. Make sure you hop on Loupe while enjoying all these high-octane games. Because sports and Loupe pair together like wings and beer.

— The Loupe Team


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