Select WWE bounties on Loupe

Win $50 for cashing in on Loupe's Select WWE bounty!

August 12, 2022

By Brett Makedonski

Like Shawn Michaels ziplining from the rafters at WrestleMania XII, Select WWE makes its grand entrance this week. Are you willing to step into the squared circle, are you prepared for a Royal Rumble, are you ready to have your life forever changed by Hell in a Cell?

Okay, maybe that last one is a little over the top.

Loupe is celebrating the inaugural edition of Select WWE with some bounties. We want you walking around looking like Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man. Here's the deal: Hit any serial numbered card to 25 or lower on Loupe out of Select WWE hobby between Friday, August 12 and Sunday, August 14, and we'll throw $50 of Loupe credit your way. With 12 parallels per box, the odds are in your favor.

Where can you find Select WWE this weekend? Pretty much everywhere. Here are the Loupe sellers who plan to go live with Select WWE on release day:

  • Ecto Selecto (Friday at 11am ET)

  • Broward Breakers (Friday at 12pm ET)

  • Game Time Cardz (Friday at 12pm ET)

  • OPC Baseball (Friday at 12pm ET)

  • Hot Corner (Friday at 12:30pm ET)

  • LMS Box Breaks (Friday at 2pm ET)

  • KidBreaker (Friday at 7pm ET)

  • Coach Chris Cards (Friday at 9pm ET)

  • Courtside Pulls (Friday at 9pm ET)

  • Monster Card Shop (Friday at 9pm ET)

  • Triple Crown Trading (Friday at 9pm ET)

  • PapaJay Cards (Friday at 9:30pm ET)

Are you King of the Ring, or are you just another jobber? Climb that ladder and claim your Money in the Bank.


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